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Jobseeker Profile - 3511

Profile Intro: Experienced Senior Technical Buyer with a demonstrated history of working in automotive + medical manufacturing. World-class, in-depth technical knowledge of all current manufacturing processes and broad engineering knowledge. Skilled in Negotiation, Process Control, Vendor Selection / Development, Quality Framework, ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 19/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3510

Profile Intro: A trusted, resilient, versatile and high-performing financial services professional who, as a senior operational risk, enterprise risk, controls, payment operations and treasury operations practitioner has extensive experience of successfully and safely designing, documenting, building, testing, implementing and managi ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 14/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3509

Profile Intro: Experienced enterprise risk, governance and internal control professional with extensive knowledge of risk management methodologies, control frameworks and business standards. Proven track record in establishing and managing effective governance, risk & assurance functions within large and SMEs in various industries.

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 10/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3508

Profile Intro: A qualified Senior Risk Analyst/Manager with significant experience managing programme and project risk in the Rail Infrastructure and Surface Transport sector. A strong confident communicator who enjoys networking with all levels of the project team and key stakeholders both externally and internally. Experienced in f ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 05/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3501

Profile Intro: Dynamic, knowledge lover, I build a career history that tries to consider every IT domains' vision. Versatile, I like to take on new challenges to push my limits by acquiring new skills. Building a multidisciplinary expertise is essential to me. What will be my next risk taking?

Experience: 4-6 Yrs

Profile Updated: 04/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3507

Profile Intro: A risk management professional with 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector, identifying, managing and assessing operational and technology risks and working with the board and executive to introduce proportionate mitigations and embed an appropriate risk culture. Designed, delivered and embedded ris ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 04/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3506

Profile Intro: Highly motivated and committed health and safety professional with a broad knowledge gained through experience both in the public and private sector coupled with 20 years of experience within the fire service. Strengths include being adaptable, enthusiastic, customer focused, flexible and adaptable to change with the ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 04/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3505

Profile Intro: I currently carryout Fire Risk Assessments on commercial offices, shops and residential properties to current RRO (Fire Safety Order - 2005) standards. I also inspect fire doors and frames, including glazing and ironmongery, seals and gaps. Produce a detailed report for the client on the condition of all doors and any ...

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 04/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3504

Profile Intro: Fire officer with 30 years experience, operational incident commander and fire safety manager

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 02/08/2020

Jobseeker Profile - 3503

Profile Intro: Experienced senior HR Business Partner with internal and assurance experience

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 31/07/2020