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Market Risk Senior Analyst

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 23days ago


The CRO function

The role sits in the Market Risk team, within the CRO team. The CRO function is responsible for independently monitoring and assessing all risks in LCH Ltd against the standards set out by the LCH Ltd Board in the Risk Governance Framework and reporting their findings to the LCH Ltd Board, Risk Committee, TSR and Audit Committee.

Specifically, the CRO function is responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining risk policies for LCH Ltd to define the expected standards for risk management in detail for all enterprise risks (including financial, resilience and corporate risks)
  • Establishing and maintaining a framework for monitoring and reporting on business performance against the defined standards; enforcing standards by challenging the 'first line' where necessary
  • Reviewing and approving any new product proposals, new member applications, policy reviews, action closure memoranda, serious incident reviews, issue escalation, new jurisdictions, new collateral requests, model changes and parameter updates via the Executive Risk Committee (ERCo) and its sub-committees the Resilience Committee (ResCo) and the Financial Resources Working Group (FRWG)
  • Providing assurance to regulators in the relevant jurisdictions that regulatory standards in relation to Risk Management are being met on an on-going basis

The CRO function aims to develop a strong, diverse team of technically skilled, dedicated risk management professionals, to provide exceptional career development opportunities and a stimulating, challenging working environment.

The Market Risk team

The Market Risk team specific responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring, assessing, reporting and managing market risk across all LCH Ltd businesses, covering equities, interest rates and FX asset classes.
  • Quality control (provides challenge) for all first line new product and model and parameter changes.
  • Monitoring risk model performance across all services by analysing backtesting and procyclicality statistics
  • Maintaining relevant risk policies (e.g. Financial Resources Adequacy Policy); regularly review policy wordings and compliance with policies

This is a role for an experienced risk manager with +5 years of relevant experience, who can effectively contribute to the team success from day one. The successful candidate is expected to bring on board his/her financial markets and risk managing expertise, while working collaboratively and delivering to high standards. In return the role provides exposure to all products cleared in LCH, Ltd and the opportunity to contribute to the CCP resilience and business deliverables within a team that thrives for excellence in risk management.

Job Details

London, Greater London, United Kingdom