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Operational and Conduct Risk Trainee

London, United Kingdom, £ £ - Annual Annual, Permanent


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Description of the Business Line or Department

MARK COO NCG is the Operational Risk Department covering Market activities within the Wholesale division of SG Group

MARK/COO/NCG is part of a wider 3-line of defence model:

  • 1st line of defence is composed of all MARK staff and especially MARK managers, who own and manage operational and conduct risks and are supported in this mission by dedicated teams in NCG
  • And is completed by ROCS department who is dedicated to 1st line of defence for GBS support functions (such as OPER, MACC, ITEC) as well as on some transversal topics such as IT and cyber-security
  • 2nd line of defence is composed of Risk (RISQ/OPE), Compliance and Finance, who oversee the overall operational risk management framework from different angles
  • 3rd line of defence is ensured by Internal Audit and Inspection, who perform independent and periodic reviews

MARK/NCG ensures â€\" as concerns non-financial risk matters â€\" the management and the global consistency of:

  • Norms (policies, rules, procedures)
  • Controls (1st line of defence, including FBK/Watch, permanent supervision and anti-fraud)
  • Governance (definition of rules, design of controls, analysis of control results)
  • Processes and tools


  • Provides the necessary support to MARK to manage and mitigate their operational and conduct risks
  • Gives a comprehensive yet readable view of operational and conduct risks in MARK activities

Focus on ORCM role

The ORCM is under supervision of (and reports hierarchically to) NCG Global Head and has a functional reporting line to BL Heads (with possibility to delegate this role to the COO BL Head).

The ORCM is the main entry point for its Business Line on all operational and conduct risk topics (key operational risk processes such as RCSA or incidents management, anti Fraud, information security, business continuity issues, essential services…), and on the follow up of the Managerial Supervision.

In this context, he should assist the Business Line in the identification and management of its main operational risks, set up the relevant remediation plans and if requested challenge the risk acceptance the business line would endorse (via governance around the OCR, daily contacts on: operational incidents, LoD1 Conduct matters and production tasks linked to Op Risk and Conduct aspects...).

In his role, the ORCM could perform some business production / facilitation tasks, such as an optimal monitoring of the console risk, maintaining repository of access granted per application to FO users, or handling of market access request … and, participates in various projects that may impact the business line under its supervision.

One of his primary role is to improve these different processes and to put in place an optimal control framework

The ORCM must also ensure that the first level control framework on operational risk is relevant and effective, in particular by means of performing quality reviews or carrying out when necessary control/process review initiatives.

The ORCM is responsible for performing some permanent supervision controls and as such shall make them evolve taking into account the regulatory requirements. His knowledge of the business should lead him to propose continuous improvements in a context of pressure on costs.

He must also comply with internal rules, in particular the Group Code of Conduct and local regulations

Summary of the key purposes of the role

Main Mission:

To assist ORCM in on-going transformation and externalising projects to improve Operational Risk framework over the EMEA (UK + Paris) MARK Agency perimeter, focusing on

  • streamlining of existing key processes within ORCM team
  • ensuring procedures are well defined and documented
  • tasks are externalised and running successfully

To assist ORCM in acting as a contact point for PBC FO and COO queries relating to support and control, and helping to control and supervise activity, in particular:

  • Risk culture with PRM FO operational staff
  • Continuous assessment of risks
  • Deployment of appropriate controls
  • Timely and complete escalation, reporting, and follow up of incidents and resulting actions
  • The maintenance and reporting of effective Key Risk Indicators and other qualitative measures
  • Preparation of conduct and operational risk dashboards for committees

Summary of responsibilities

To conduct the above, the main areas of focus will be:

  • Monitor performance of permanent supervision controls in GPS
  • Assisting in control transformation, documentation in the framework of externalising control performance
  • Support externalisation of Daily Unassigned Error management process
  • Operational Event collection in T2eorem and ORE
  • Participate in incident discussion meetings
  • Monitor action plans in various event collection tools
  • Assist in managing a release of a new tool for risk and control evaluation
  • Assist in performance of Risk and Control Self Assessments (RCSA’s) over the EMEA MARK PRM scope.
  • Perform the Outsourced Essential Services (OES) yearly assessment (if relevant)
  • Contributing to Scenario Analysis in coordination with RISQ/OPE
  • Assist with business facilitation tasks, such as monitoring signature of desk mandates and handbooks, coordinate and help to resolve online training queries, help BL COO/ FO to update internal procedures, etc
  • Performing some permanent supervision controls
  • Assisting ORCM with some daily BAU/ Ad Hoc topics

Level of Autonomy and Authority

Low to Medium degree of autonomy


  • Strong knowledge of Office tools and VBAs in particular
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Strong analytical skills, high attention to detail
  • Flexibility, adaptability, pro activity and ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to work both in the team and on individual assignments
  • Basic level of understanding of financial services industry; any additional technical knowledge of securities and derivatives products and instruments is very welcome but not mandatory

Work Experience

Previous internship or placements (as part of BA/MA course) in financial services industry. Any experience in working on projects or contributing to group initiatives


First or Second BA or MA degrees in Business Management, Finance, Economics, Engineering, Mathematics or IT


  • English
  • French

If you feel you have the required experience and qualifications, then please apply to the SG Resourcing Team, and we will manage your application. At Societe Generale, we believe our people are our strength and are core to the success of our business. As such, we search for, recruit and appoint the best available person on the basis of aptitude and ability, regardless of sex, marital or civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, pregnancy, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, belief or gender reassignment.

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Sun, 02 Jun 2019 19:00:00 EST
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London, United Kingdom
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