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Risk and Assurance Manager

Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, £35,000 , Permanent

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This is a new role, created to support the clients drive to improve risk management and compliance across the organisation but with a specific focus on the International Programmes department.

They are looking for a Risk and Assurance Manager who will be responsible for ensuring they operate in accordance with their external / internal legal and compliance requirements in the multiple jurisdictions that they operate in and that partner organisations are supported in applying and strengthening compliance requirements linked to the clients internal agreements, policies, guidelines, and relevant Standard Operating Procedures

Reporting to the Head of the department, the Risk and Compliance Manager will also provide critical support in programmatic and budgetary planning, monitoring, compliance with donor and internal rules and regulations

Additionally, they expect this role to be able to provide advice, reflection and assessment to managers across the department and ensuring compliance to their own processes, procedures and that risks are highlighted, prioritised and appropriately mitigated.

The successful candidate will provide organisational expertise in risk management and use this expertise to lead, develop, implement, and continually evaluate how the department recognises and addresses risk, including contributing to departmental and organisational business planning.

Main Duties

Ensure the International Programmes Dept has robust risk management, compliance and policy frameworks in place and that they are fully operational and effective.

Ensure that the clients partnership and grant making process is fully compliant through due diligence and necessary financial controls over oversight.

Work closely with the Partnerships, Support and Emergency Units within the department to ensure appropriate due diligence and grant donor compliance mechanisms are in place and functioning effectively and drive a process of technical competence and programme quality.

Support the process of ensuring systems and processes are in place to support the clients IP Dept commitment to and compliance with regulations and external standards, such as the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS).

With a core function of leading and providing analysis and oversight to ensure compliance with internal grant specific requirements, this position will also provide specialized assistance in other dimensions of the grant management cycle, communication and partnership including serving as a resource for staff of grant funded programs for fiscal and programmatic compliance matters.

Work closely with key stakeholders to understand the business requirement for projects, develop effective working relationships during project implementation and ensure business as usual ownership is understood by management.

General duties and responsibilities

Risk Management

* Support and coordinate the clients IP Risk Management procedure by ensuring that Risk Registers are monitored, reviewed, managed and reflected upon appropriately to provide an up-to-date view of the departments risk status

* Develop 'risk register' action plan with clearly defined responsibilities and milestones based on highlighted preventative controls and measures

* Work with the IP Senior Management Team members and Country Programme Managers on their risk management strategies. This will include:

* Ensuring that risk management action plans are appropriate, reviewed and actioned on a regular basis

* Identifying emerging risks and supporting Managers in addressing these and implementing best practices

* Assessing the organisation's future ventures directly linked to International Programmes and or strategic objectives to identify possible compliance risks

* Act as the key point of contact for Risk Management issues within the Department, addressing team member concerns or questions on internal compliance and risk, providing support and training to staff across the department on compliance, including but not limited to financial, partnership policies, funding agreements and other best practice guidelines

* Determine effectiveness of internal controls, including policies and procedures, to prevent and detect irregularities, and to identify and manage risks

Grant Management and Compliance

* Ensure that the clients partnership and grant making process is fully compliant through due diligence and necessary financial controls and oversight.

* Support the development of robust systems and documentation relating to compliance and risk including reviewing existing policies and practices, highlighting gaps in the current systems and practices and developing new compliance and risk related documentation, guidelines and policies.

* Providing support and training to Partner Organisations on compliance, including but not limited to financial, partnership policies, funding agreements and other best practice guidelines and to build risk awareness within the network of implementing partners.

* Build grant management capacity of field staff by facilitating training, and providing one-on-one follow up support, in report writing, proposal development and other topics as needed

* Assist the Partnerships and Programmes Support teams in preparing, reviewing and modifying memoranda of understanding and contracts of funding agreements, liaising with relevant HQ departments, as needed

* Ensure grant budgets, expenditure and reporting complies with internal guidelines.

* Monitor Departmental budgets, spend rates, balances and advice on fund availability on a monthly basis

Essential requirements for this role

* Bachelor's degree in relevant field and applicable experience in non-profit governance, administration, grants management, including risk and compliance.

* Familiarity with non-profit and for-profit sectors and working internationally.

* In-depth work-related background and understanding of risk management and compliance relating to grant management, application of best practices and sector standards

* Self-motivated, with the ability to work with a high degree of autonomy and respond to a rapidly changing external environment.

* Sound judgement, ability to analyse complex situations, present complex information with clarity, and implement solutions to mitigate risk

Job Details

Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom