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Risk, Conduct and Vulnerability Manager

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, £35 , Contract

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Risk and Vulnerability Manager

Role Purpose

You will be responsible for leading and supporting the design and implementation of an effective risk and governance framework (measurement, policy, standards, treatments,definitions and controls) to support the shaping of the customer experience strategy. This framework will target and enable excellent outcomes for our customers, whilst effectively managing regulatory and conduct risk.

Role Overview

The Conduct and Vulnerability team is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the governance and risk arrangements in respect vulnerable customers, ensuring that we treat all customers fairly in the design, development and delivery of our energy and services products. This means working across both the financial services and energy regulatory regimes to ensure that our customer and growth objectives are delivered within risk appetite and in accordance with our values.

Role Accountabilities

You Will:

  • Lead a team of three providing governance, risk and analytical support.
  • Create an environment in which team members take responsibility and ownership of their work and which actively encourages them to share ideas and contributions.
  • Support colleagues in understanding the drivers, nature and scale of vulnerability in our customer markets and how the needs of our customers affect customer experience or outcomes.
  • Support colleagues to recognise and respond to the needs of vulnerable customers.
  • Use data analytics/insight to help promote digital solutions that proactively identify vulnerable customers, enhance customer experience, and drive operational efficiencies.
  • Promote the voice of the customer and challenge, where appropriate, conventional thinking and unsound arguments about the needs of vulnerable customers
  • Manage external third-party relationships, working closely with internal stakeholders to ensure a joined up approach to delivering customer and/or organisational outcomes
  • Provide expert advice and input to regulatory audits/compliance cases conducted from time to time by the FCA or Ofgem

You will be expected to possess the following skills/competences:

  • Business Risk management
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Customer Acumen
  • Regulatory Compliance (you will have subject matter expertise in either the FCA and/or Ofgem regulatory regime relating to conduct and vulnerability)

Job Details

London, Greater London, United Kingdom