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Risk Detection Engineer

London, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Permanent

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How would you maximise the automated classification of millions of pieces of content in real time?

This is the role Risk Detection team has at Crisp. A role central to everything that we do to protect children, brands and platforms online. We need smart, logical, detail-orientated, team-players who can solve problems and deliver under pressure.

As a Risk Detection Engineer you will review and optimise moderation strategies, test and train our algorithms, and create linguistic rules, all of which play a key role in our AI technology to accurately detect content that poses a risk for our customers.

Full training will be given on systems used for this role. However, you will need to be comfortable with IT, possess a logical brain and creative problem-solving skills along with fine attention to detail as you will be required to follow processes in a methodical and logical approach. And if those skills identify areas of improvement to those processes, all the better.

In this role you will:

* Review automation opportunities based on accurate risk detection.

* Construct and revise linguistic rules which will accurately match text strings that pose a risk.

* Assure the quality of existing rulesets to ensure that they are not generating excessive false positive results.

* Adding to and improving AI and reviewing outputs to ensure quality and accuracy of updates

* Assure the quality of our already classified content to assist our self-learning algorithms.

* Process client support requests about missing, superfluous or inaccurate risk detection.

* Define and document the risk detection strategy used for each one of the customers in their portfolio.

* Review our risk detection SLAs per customer based on their risks.

* Assign and review work from Language Specialists subcontractors that help on the creation of rules for risk detection on Non-English content

* Excellent Excel skills

* Query language experience a plus (e.g. SQL)

* Foreign languages advantageous

* Good understanding of social media and online communities.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

About Crisp
Crisp provides 24/7/365 early-warning risk intelligence as a service for leading brands, global enterprises and social media platforms, providing customers with a real-time risk defence, and with intelligence and compliance solutions guaranteed to ensure our customers are always the first to know and act. These risks can take many forms, including activist attacks, hate speech, threats, fake news, false rumours, illegal content, compliance failures and many more. Fuelled by the increased popularity of closed social media groups and messaging apps, this harmful content can now spread virally, at scale before it reaches mainstream media channels.
The relentless focus on helping to create a digital world that is safe for everyone has been Crisp's mission from day one. Today that passion extends to working with leading brands, global enterprises and social media platforms.
If you feel you have the skills and experience to be successful in this role, then please send an up to date CV along with your current salary details to Debbie Middleton at MGER and let her do the rest

Job Details

London, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom