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Risk Engineer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 23days ago


We are looking for a Risk Engineer to join our Customer Success team in London. You'll play a critical role to work with our clients from around the world, empowering them to understand the insights we produce and take action.

We want to inspire the world to forecast correctly and empower it to tackle risk, thanks to our unique ability to forecast the outcomes of construction projects. We can change how construction projects are managed and executed, a crucial part of getting there is being able to deliver deep insights for very large construction schedules.

We're working with some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world (think HS2, Heathrow, Crossrail), which means an opportunity to have a significant impact on the world around us, and what it will look like in the future, from the very first day.

Using your expertise in communicating risk, we're excited about the prospect of moving the needle forward. You'll be joining a world class and very well funded team, backed by top investors and VCs from Silicon Valley and the UK that all believe in the future we are creating. We've been on a tremendous growth trajectory for the last three years, and have even more ambitious growth plans for 2021 and beyond, scaling our product and team at an exciting pace.

What we need you to do as a Risk Engineer:

* Work with our clients, the largest infrastructure contractors and owners, to help them understand our results and most importantly, take action.

* Assist with the introspection of the statistical outputs from our machine learning models onto real world construction projects.

* Work with our product team to help them understand the perspective of the user and test out new product features.

What you bring to the role:

* You've got strong experience in modelling risk quantitatively, which means you're well versed in Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis (QSRA) from its basic principles to the use of software tools like Primavera Risk Analysis or similar.

* You have strong quantitative skills, with a good understanding of statistics. You should know about probability distribution types, fat/long tails, sampling, and be able to explain them in plain English.

* You've been able to communicate your work (especially verbally) with a wide variety of stakeholders on a variety of projects and can demonstrate your ability to influence decision makers.

* Your experiences in risk give you perspective to bring to the table but more importantly, you are excited about how the businesses approach is fundamentally different and valuable.

* You have an eye for details. If you've read this far, mention the word "crane" in your application :-)

* You're excited about the impact of what we're building: your energy, determination and drive inspire others to push for ambitious targets

Job Details

London, Greater London, United Kingdom