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Risk Management Consultant - Cyber Data Centric experiences

London, United Kingdom, £75,000 - £80,000 , Permanent

Posted: 1month ago


Risk Management consultant required for a large company in London.

Skills required for the role:

  • Developed and executed Key Risk Indicators for large corporated and preferably in the any critical infrastructure industry
  • Understands the Impact of data breaches from a digital supply chain perspective
  • Has thought and executed strategies for customers beyond GDPR
  • Provided and passionate about how ensure corporate viability in an uncertain world
  • Understanding how we use data to predict know or unknown risks to corporate
  • Can model risk for knowns and unknowns
  • How can Cyber Data centric strategies secure corporations in a rapidly transforming world
  • Defined Risk Monitoring and reporting frameworks that organically change with the changing nature of corporate
  • Defined augmented risk decision support frameworks
  • Consultancy background

Job Details

London, United Kingdom
£75,000 - £80,000